Here at Family and Sports Chiropractic, we do things a little different than most chiropractors. We do what is known as the Cox technique. It is a flexion distraction-based technique that is very well researched and backed by the medical community. The majority of our patients come from patient referrals but we get many referrals daily from primary care providers surgeons, and even other chiropractors. We will do everything we can to get you well with a conservative approach. This is the case for well over 90% of our patients. For some patients, a referral may be warranted. We have a multidisciplinary approach that may involve other doctors participating in your care. I truly believe it is my job to get patients better and if a referral that I make leads to that, then I have done my job successfully.

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Dr. Travis Links

Since he was a young boy, Dr. Links has had a passion for both sports and the outdoors. Directly out of Chiropractic school, he was fortunate enough to land his dream job working with the LSU athletic programs. While simultaneously practicing in both Baton Rouge and St. Francisville, Dr. Links fell in love with the small-town atmosphere and the community of St. Francisville and West Feliciana Parish. Through his practice, he regards each patient as a friend and enjoys getting to know each one on a personal level. While working in St. Francisville, Dr. Links also had the opportunity to be a treating physician at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Having worked with both inmates and numerous professional and collegiate athletes, Dr. Links has developed an approach that is based on research. He will explore all possibilities to treat his patients. He works with doctors and specialists both in the community and in surrounding areas to ensure that his patients receive the care and treatment they require.

Dr. Links was born and raised in Houma, Louisiana. It was in that community that he developed a sense of pride in being from Louisiana. He grew up hunting, fishing, and running the streets and bayous of south Louisiana. He played baseball, basketball, football and ran cross country as a young man. He believed his true love was baseball until he began to experience arm trouble in college. After giving up on a dream of professional athletics, he soon realized his true love in life was bow hunting. Dr. Links attended Texas Chiropractic College where he served as the only two-term Student Body President in the school’s history. While living in Texas, he met the woman of his dreams and fell in love with his wife, Christine, the moment he laid eyes on her. They now have 4 beautiful children: Hunter, Bailey, Brooks, and Madison. Dr. Links strives to lead his family and life with Christ at the center, and he also recognizes the power of prayer in healing.

Dr. Nathaniel Marcel

Dr. Nathaniel Marcel has always loved to work with his hands. His original pursuit in his undergraduate studies was to attend medical school and become a surgeon. As his senior year in undergrad neared its end he had a deep sense that he was being called to something else. His advisor persuaded him to shadow alternative providers and this is when he first fell in love with Chiropractic. Dr. Marcel loves that Chiropractic allows him to work with his hands from anywhere in the world and help people become pain-free. During treatment, he emphasizes patient education and believes it is key to positive outcomes and future injury prevention.

He is a South Louisiana native who grew up in Houma, Louisiana. He attended Terrebonne High School where he graduated Valedictorian of his class and enjoyed playing varsity soccer for four years. Dr. Marcel then attended Louisiana College (now Louisiana Christian University) where he received his Bachelor of Science with a major in biology. He continued his studies at Texas Chiropractic College (TCC) where he graduated top of his class and received his Doctorate of Chiropractic. He was awarded the Student Keeler Award for his selfless service, professional scholarship, and being held in high regard by the TCC faculty. While at TCC he served as a student tutor and Chief Intern over the University of Houston Clear Lake student rotation, where interns would treat students and faculty of UHCL. He is also Level 1 Titleist Performance Institute certified.

Dr. Marcel is married to his high school sweetheart Taylor and they have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Sage.

Sarah Avants

Office Manager

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Chiropractic Assistant